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Marketing for NDIS Providers

Helping you to reach and connect with more ideal clients and personnel!

Facebook Marketing

We help you to gain followers on your Facebook Business Page. This helps you to attract more of the customers that you want. We can do this organically and/or with paid-for promotions. Our experience and techniques will mean that you get greater visibility with the people that matter to you.

Help With Recruitment

Our promotions and strategies will mean you will attract new recruits. We can create campaigns specifically to help you find the right personnel to allow the business growth that you are looking for. Having a great brand awareness strategy means that your ideal candidates will want to talk to you.

Website Upgrade

Our website creation team will turn your website into a revenue-generating tool while looking great as well. It may be that you want to start again and we can help with that. We offer two different options for your new website making it even easier to get the website you have been dreaming of!

Marketing Basics

Explore our products to learn more about how we can increase your visibility and your enquiries. Our packages are tailored to your needs. For some, that means one service such as Facebook Management for others it means a suite of marketing services. Which category are you in?

What You Can Expect

With our versatile approach to marketing, there’s never been a more guaranteed way to build your business.

Book a free 30-minute visibility discovery session to discuss how we can help you grow your NDIS Provider business!

Women working together to help

“The days of intimidating & confusing Marketing People are finally over!”

The Team!

Tanya Knowles

We all want happy customers that will talk about us in glowing terms to their friends, colleagues and peers. We are no different and we know that making you happy means delivering great results. We will do what we say we will when we say we will!

Tanya Knowles

The Team!

I love working with clients to help them increase their Instagram presence. It can make such a huge difference if the audience on Insta is your prospective clients.

Alice Wilson

Tim Knowles

With many years of experience, I know we can help improve your visibility and your credibility. We will provide you with an individual marketing campaign that gets results, every time! 

Tim Knowles

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we can help you find the right people

Recruiting the right team members doesn't have to be hard!

Recruit better staff

We know how hard it is to recruit great staff. It seems it has never been harder than it is right now. We can help you create the image that you want to project to ensure that you are attracting the right people! A consistent and credible online and offline presnce means more of the right people will want to work for you!

Happy staff become ambassadors for your brand. Together we can help ensure that your team are validated and feel valued. Personnel who feel valued are reliable and stay with you. How does that sound?

Happy staff


Your website is easily accessible and is a good yardstick for prospective employees to figure out who you are and whether they want to work for you. We will ensure that your website has the information that job seekers want and in a language that they connect to.

Staff Satisfaction

A huge part of retaining staff and attracting staff in the first place is to give them what they need. e are real advocates of finding out what makes your team tick. If they enjoy working for you we need to find out why. That way we can communicate with people like them about the things they will like too.

Social Media

With so many people using social media on an everyday basis, this is one area that can really be used to your advantage when looking for staff in the NDIS provider sector. Facebook and Instagram are both partiualr useful tools that we can utilise to ensure you attract the right people.

Brand Management

You are your brand. Our job is to make sure that your brand is perceived by prospective staff in a way that is positive and attractive. The jobs that your staff do are not easy and neither is yours if half of the time you are scrabbling around trying to find people to cover shifts. Let us help you in resolving this issue!

Your Questions,
Our answers

Explore our different services. We will help you come up with a campaign using only the right marketing activities for your business and your budget!


We offer a free 30 minute consultation to better understand your business and your aims. You can choose your preferred time from the calendar above. Easy as!

Between us we have over 40 years experience in a Marketing environment. That takes us back to a time when it wasn’t necessarily an activity that most businesses had to do. Nowadays Marketing forms an integral part of your business growth and viability. We have worked with a number of businesses within the NDIS Provider field. We know what works and what will get you the results you are looking for whether you want new clients or additional staff resources.

Don’t worry, we will do that for you! All we ask if for you to keep us up to date on what is happening. Photographs and testimonials are always useful but we will let you know what we need, when we need it! Our aim is to make the marketing experience an easy one for you and your potential clients.

Because we get great results for our clients we rarely look for new ones. That means our outgoings are much lower than those companies who need to replace lapsed clients regualrly. We pass on those savings to you!

Helping You Reach More People

Social Media expert

We are based North of Brisbane, with a satellite office in Redcliffe, on the Moreton Bay Peninsula. Our main office is in the beautiful Samford Valley. Our clients are located across Australia and vary from sole traders to large organisations.

From Sydney to Perth and from Melbourne to Brisbane. Where ever you are in Australia we can get you connecting with your prospects in a way you never realised was possible.

Helping you connect with your prospects

  • Our secret is to find out where your prospects hang and we go there to communicate with them
  • We give them what they want through testing and measuring different styles of campaigns so we can see what engages
  • Use creative images and copy to draw them in

Educating prospects on why they must choose you

  • We give them reasons to choose you over your competitors
  • We engage with your potential clients in language they understand
  • Encouragement your prospects to tell us what they think!
  • We are creative and out of the box which gets results for clients 
  • And of course we work with you to get the very best results

You + Us = Enquiries

We've been helping businesses
just like yours with social media &
full marketing strategies!

To succeed as a business you need to know who your target audience. Especially when marketing your product and/or service.

The huge benefit of a social platform is it allow you to see detailed information about your potential customers. This makes marketing much easier because of the targeting options. Following on from that we can create a joined-up marketing campaign that encompasses many different aspects such as:

  • Newsletters
  • Website enhancements
  • Email Marketing
  • Leaflet & Brochure design and print
  • Business card design and print
  • Full Customer Journey Experience creation 

When you get specific and targeted, a campaign could see your business doubling in a short time.

Marketing that includes Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram can help when you:

  • Are looking to launch a new business
  • Want to grow your business
  • Want to be more visible than your competitors
  • Have something exciting to share
  • For help in recruiting new team members
  • Or when your sales are declining or staying the same
The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Effective Presence on Facebook