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Facebook advertising

Are you looking to expand your business with a proven way to get results?

But you’re not sure how, and the idea of using Facebook Ads is way too much time investment for you?

Imagine if there was a way that you could create a marketing tap. Where you can switch on or off a steady flow of quality leads. How would that change the success of your business?

Thats what we do… We create a precise lead generation platform using Facebook Ads. 

Right now in Australia only about 5 to 8% of business are advertising on Facebook. But by the end of the year that might be as high as 15 or 20%. Meaning you are looking at a golden opportunity to get ahead of your competition

To get started on your path to results see below…

Getting results with facebook ads

Generating revenue using Facebook ads is combination of art and science. At the base of it all is one common factor… People.

Generally speaking, nobody likes to be sold to, it’s pushy, “cheesy” and sometimes intimidating. You know those sales people who just won’t let you go?

But on the flip side we sure like to buy things. A good Facebook ad bridges that barrier between customer need / desire versus giving them an opportunity to buy.

Facebook Ads

Delivering quality leads
$ 250 +GST Monthly
  • Deep dive fact finding session to uncover your objectives, ideal target market and your offers
  • Full campaign management so you don't have to worry about extra tasks
  • Suggestions on landing page content so you can maximise conversions
  • Technical help getting tracking setup (Facebook Pixel and conversion tracking)
  • Design of all adverts and daily management as required to get best results
  • Monitoring the statistics and split testing to constantly improve ROI and reduce lead cost
  • Suggested minimum ad budget $200 per month (paid directly to Facebook)
The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Effective Presence on Facebook