Everyone is a social media expert!

If you had a calculator would
that make you an expert accountant?

Accountant Calculator

If you had a tutu would
that make you an expert ballet dancer?

Ballet Dancers

If you had a scalpel would
that make you an expert surgeon?


The #1 problem with the invention of social media is that now anyone with a Facebook account is an expert. The funny thing is that online marketing has been around a lot longer than Facebook. Getting results requires experience, skill and knowledge. Just owning the tools doesn’t make you an overnight expert!

We've been helping businesses
just like yours with social media!

To succeed as a business you need to know who your target audience. Especially when marketing your product and/or service.

The huge benefit of a social platform is it allow you to see detailed information about your potential customers. This makes marketing much easier because of the targeting options.

When you get specific and targeted, social media advertising could see your business doubling in a short time.

Social media can help when you

  • Are looking to launch a new business
  • Want to grow your business
  • Want to be more visible than your competitors
  • Have something exciting to share
  • Or when your sales are declining or staying the same

bringing the social magic

Social Media expert

Based North of Brisbane, in Redcliffe on the Moreton Bay Peninsula our clients are right across Australia. From Sydney to Perth and from Melbourne to Brisbane. If we are local we will meet with you to discuss and strategise your campaign. We will meet you every 3 months to look at the results, tweak your campaign and discuss new ideas.  So where ever you are in Australia we can get you connecting with your prospects in a way you never realised was possible.

Helping you connect with your prospects

  • We find out where your prospects hang and we go there
  • Give them what they want through testing and measuring different styles of posts so we can see what engages
  • Use engaging images and copy to draw them in

Educating prospects on why they must choose you

  • We give them reasons to choose you over their competitors
  • We engage with them in language the understand
  • Encouragement them to tell us what they think!
  • And of course we work with you to get the very best results

your time to shine is now!